In celebration of World Day against Trafficking in Persons on 30th July 2018, Hong Kong’s Civil Society Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force, of which Hagar is a member, launched the Handbook on Initial Victim Identification and Assistance for Trafficked Persons.

The Task Force is a multidisciplinary and collaborative consortium of 27 non-governmental organizations with the mission to collectively advance anti-trafficking efforts in Hong Kong by monitoring the phenomenon and creating tools and trainings to address the gaps in victims’ protection.

The first edition of the Handbook, available in English and Chinese, identifies concrete guidelines and resources for government and non-government service providers, including health workers, lawyers, social workers, and other professionals who may encounter trafficking victims in the course of their work.

In light of the Hong Kong government’s 2018 “Action Plan to tackle trafficking in persons and enhance protection of foreign domestic helpers endorsed” earlier this year, the Handbook’s release comes at a crucial moment. Hagar is honored to be a part of the Task Force to contribute to the development of anti-trafficking work in Hong Kong with our knowledge and experience in supporting trafficking survivors in Cambodia, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Singapore.


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Download the Handbook:

English version

Chinese version

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